Arturo Armendariz Distinguished Service Award


Dave Mestl
2021 recipient

Dave is a loyal and hardworking man who devoted more than 38 years to the Timmerman family and the cattle industry. He quickly worked his way up
in the company and in 1986 became manager of the yard in Crook, Colorado. In 1990, Dave and his family made the move to Indianola, Nebraska where he played a huge role as yard manager. He
has always risen to the challenge of learning new technology and equipment from micro machines, feed mills and feed trucks to feedyard management programs, front end loaders and
everything in between. His experience and diverse range of expertise spans from nutrition, mill operation, animal health, bunk reads, cattle performance, yard maintenance and even mechanics at times. Dave led by example and
could be found working alongside other
employees on many jobs around the yard. Dave has always taken pride in doing his part in ensuring the production of high quality, safe and wholesome beef products for consumers to enjoy.
He remained the manager in Indianola until his recent retirement. Following his retirement, the yard was a little shorthanded and Dave happily
came back to help. Even today it's common to see Dave at the yard helping check pens or lend a hand where needed.


Dave Mestl

Dave Mestl
2022 recipient

A recent retiree of NA Timmerman, Inc. Dave is a native of Beemer, Nebraska. He is a loyal and hardworking man who devoted more than 39 years to the Timmerman family and the cattle industry. In May of 1982 Dave began his career with Timmerman & Sons driving feed truck. He reminisced, “It was tricky in the old manual feed trucks; you had to pop the clutch and keep the mixer going at the same time to get the pen fed.”  Dave has always been willing to help with every job at the yard. He quickly worked his way up in the company to his most recent role as yard manager. Spanning the decades of his employment and dramatic industry change there was always something new to learn. He has always risen to the challenge of learning the new technology and equipment from micro machines, feed mills and feed trucks to feedyard management programs, front end loaders and everything in-between. His experience and diverse range of expertise span nutrition, mill operation, animal health, bunk reads, cattle performance, yard maintenance and even mechanics at times. Dave led by example, his endless dedication meant the extra hours and effort were always at the forefront to ensure the job was done right. Following his retirement, Dave still helps at the yard, most days it’s common to see Dave walking pens or helping where needed. “That’s just the kind of guy he is, always there to lend a hand,” said Norman Timmerman. Dave is still enjoying retirement, spending more time enjoying his family, Son Anthony, wife Vicki and grandchildren Braxton and Kendly and Daughter Amber and granddaughter Baili who all reside in eastern Nebraska. Dave also enjoys playing golf, cheering on his grandchildren at their sporting events, spending time with friends, his dog and cheering on the Huskers.



George Eckertt 

George Eckert
2021 recipient

George started at Green Plains Cattle Company in August of 1984 running rolls, probing trucks by hand, doing sample testing, and running boilers. In the following years he learned to run wheel loaders, an Oswald ensile loader, and worked up to running panels and batching feed. After a while they moved him to maintenance in which they found out he had a knack for.

About 20 years later he became the maintenance Supervisor. Overseeing the daily operations of over 200 different pieces of equipment, In the last 10 years George's mills as he calls them has produced approximately 10,950,000,000 lbs. of feed. To put in to prospective it would be a wall 25-foot-tall 10-foot-wide and 9 miles long, and doing this with an average down time of 30 minutes a day between his two mills.

He has worked for 7- General Managers, 8- Mill Managers, 4- Maintenance Supervisors, Three Company's and trained an un told number of people that have gone on to pursue their dreams, and never left the farm.



Harris PR _dsc 9361

Gaspar Martinez 
2021 recipient

Gaspar Martinez grew up on a small farm in Mexico, and was the 7th child of 11 siblings. Like most in those days Gaspar went to school up to the 6th grade and was very smart and eager to learn. Then at the age of 16, he traveled to the United States.

Gaspar’s long career at Harris Feeding Company began at the age of 17, when his brother “Grande” told his boss, then Feedlot Manager Ed Gill, that he knew of this “skinny little guy” who needed a job.

Over the years, Gaspar has performed many jobs at the Feedlot.  He spent time in the feed mill, worked on the yard maintenance crew, and eventually moved into his current position overseeing both the processing and hospital crews.  Perhaps one of Gaspar’s greatest gifts, is that of a teacher.  Many a feedlot cowboy at Harris Feeding Company has been taught by Gaspar the art of working around cattle, and knowing how to identify an animal that is not feeling well and is in need of medical attention.  Truth be told, when it comes to handling cattle, no one does it better than Gaspar.  We at Harris Ranch are fortunate that Gaspar has passed that gift on to his son Candelario, who is following in his dad’s footsteps, and now supervises the cattle processing crew. 

Gaspar comes to work every day with a smile on his face and with the enthusiasm of a new hire.  You would never know that he has spent over 48 years with the company.  Gaspar is loyal, dedicated, and hard working.  He is a very quiet and humble man who is grateful for having had the opportunity to work with so many great leaders in the beef industry.


Dwight -Doffin

Dwight Doffin
2020 recipient

Dwight Doffin has devoted 30 years to the cattle industry with FELLER & CO in Wisner, Nebraska. FELLER & CO was just in its infancy in 1989 when Doffin started.

Doffin is a major part of the company’s
growth and success. In 1992, FELLER & CO decided to expand to another county. Doffin was tapped to head up the construction and establish the relationships needed to get the
project going.

Doffin is a graduate of Northeast Community College. He is a member of the NECC judging team, Mid-States Rodeo Association, NE Cattlemen and Cuming County Feeders, and a past president of Stanton County Feeders. Doffin’s work ethic and commitment is a great asset to FELLER & CO through his 30 years of his employment. His range of expertise runs from animal health, bunk reads, cattle performance, mill operation, yard construction, troubleshooting, employee management, cattle purchases, customer relations, mechanics and, at times, “management consoling.” Doffin’s 80-hour weeks were standard for many years, always coming with a let’s “Get-R-Done” attitude. His leadership is respected and admired because he works alongside peers on any project in front of him. From all aspects of feedyard management, he understands how to connect the dots. Doffin is committed, reliable and brings unprecedented integrity to his job and the industry.

Other than work, his hobby is rodeos. He’s participated in the Mid-States Rodeo Finals numerous times. Doffin’s significant other, Katie, has three boys — Colton, Austin and Kash — and he enjoys following in their education and rodeo careers. In addition to managing the feedlot, he feeds his own cattle and has farmland he owns and farms. Congratulations, Dwight Doffin, for this well-deserved award.


 Eulogio Dimas _web Photo

Eulogio Dimas
2017 recipient
With dedication and commitment, Eulogio Dimas has worked in the cattle industry for nearly 38 years. Within his first year of employment at Southwest Feeders, he became the feedyard production manager, supervising the animal health and feeding programs. 


Ramirez -2

Jessie Ramirez
2019 recipient

Born and raised in El Saucillo, Zacatecas, Mexico; Jessie grew up on the family ranch with his 13 siblings. Even during his more formative years, he farmed and raised sheep as well as cattle with the family. He moved to Garden City, Kansas in 1971 and began working for Brookover Feedyard in August of 1983.

Dedicated, passionate and tenacious, Jessie Ramirez has spent his 36-year career in the spirit of faithful service. With a short stature and a big heart, Mr. Ramirez has built a reputation for running into the occupational fire when most would run the other way. This positive attitude and never-say-no approach to the job has earned him the moniker of “Little Big Man” from his admiring fellow employees.

Jessie has worked for one establishment — The Brookover Companies — his entire career. During that time, his skill in operating, and repairing equipment has brought him the respect of his peers. Mr. Ramirez’s work ethic, commitment and leadership through example combine to make Jessie the perfect model of what the Arturo Armendariz Service award is all about.

Jim Allen Professional Photo

Jim Allen
2016 Recipient 

Jim Allen grew up feeding cattle with his father on the family farm. In 1975, Jim relocated to Garden City, Kansas where he spent the next 40 years feeding cattle. There is not a feedyard role that Jim hasn't played, but he is best known for his dedication to the art of feeding cattle and delivering the best beef cattle in the industry. 


Karla Olson
2015 Recipient 

A lifelong resident of Hoxie, KS, Karla Olson grew up on her family’s dairy and farming operation. That work helped lay the foundation for her ultimate success at Hoxie Feedyard, where she began her career in 1976. In the four decades since she began working with Hoxie, Karla’s oversight has grown to managing a count of 53,000 head of cattle.   

Thomas 2014
Brad Thomas
2014 Recipient

Brad Thomas is described as a “true cowboy” by those who have the honor of working by his side. A traumatic accident changed his life forever when he lost both arms. Despite setbacks, he continues to drive to and from his work at Darr Feedlot in Cozad, Nebraska, saddle his own horse, ride pens and help others around him. Overcoming these challenges contributed to the motto of this courageous cowboy: “Never give up.”  


Edward "Mike" McMillian
2013 Recipient

Mike McMillan has dedicated more than 40 years to the cattle-feeding business. After serving as a Marine, Mike came to the industry in 1971 as a cattle checker on Monfort’s original feedyard north of Greeley, Colo. He quickly began working his way up the company while working on his associate’s degree from Aims Community College and bachelor’s degree from the University of Northern Colorado.

Hector Pacheco
2012 Recipient 

Hector Pacheco has dedicated more than 60 years of hard work and exceptional loyalty to the cattle industry. He has also passed down the pride for dedicated service, quality care and high standards to his son, who followed in his footsteps and works for the same feedyard.


Erasmo “Chico” Becerra
2011 Recipient
Chico Becerra, a 32-year cattle feeding veteran, is one of a man overcoming hardship with pluck and genuine compassion, his story is also completed with loyalty to a higher calling of true service rather than punching a clock and constantly exemplifying the highest ideals.